Studio Policy

Purpose and Goal

The purpose of an educator is to guide students in building knowledge, skill, and discipline. The concentration, creativity, and consistency necessary to succeed in music study can be applied to all areas of life. Benefits of music study may include improved independent problem solving skills, increased comprehension of abstract ideas, creative expression, self-confidence and a sense of well-being. Our goal is to instill awareness of the importance of music, teach students how to create, understand and appreciate music, and have an enjoyable musical adventure.


All private lessons will take place at a time arranged by parent, student and teacher. Group classes, when available, will be scheduled by your private instructor and Diaz | Anderson Music Studios.


Students must bring all current books to each lesson. This includes method books, supplemental materials, and your assignment notebook. The notebook is an essential part of the lesson – It allows the student and teacher to keep record and review concepts being covered. It also serves as a guide for your work, during the week. Please reserve this notebook for lessons only. Being prepared is an important part of music study. Please note: We do not stock an inventory of materials, however your teacher may have copies of materials suitable for use at the studio.


Please be punctual – in music, timing is everything! If you are late, you are encouraged you to attend the lesson for the remaining time, given that the lost time will not be made up or added to the end of your lesson. This rule must be followed in order to maintain a regular lesson schedule.

Please be courteous to those taking a lesson after you, as they are looking forward to every minute of their lesson. Because of this, we ask you to address questions you have at the beginning of your lesson.

Studio Etiquette

Please enjoy a quiet moment to relax, catch up on email, or read a good book. We have provided a comfortable environment for you to enjoy your time while waiting for your lesson or during your child’s lesson.

We require that your children remain supervised at all times. Please be respectful with noise levels, as classes are in session and noise is very distracting.

Please have clean hands when you come to your lessons. You will be asked you to wash your hands before the lesson begins if they are not clean. No food or candy is to be consumed during the lesson. Water in a closed container is allowed, but do not place your cup on or near instruments.

Students may not chew gum while having a lesson.

Absences and Missed Lessons:

Make-Up Policy – Make up lessons are not guaranteed. Lessons may be rescheduled, at your private teacher’s discretion. Your teacher’s word is final.

Missed Lessons – Lessons that are missed, forgotten, or cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson by the student will not be made up.

Please Note: Credit for missed lessons, notified or not, will not be applied to future tuition.

Student Planned Absences – If you plan on missing a lesson, please provide notice to your teacher in writing*. This notice can be submitted by text message, our preferred format, or by email.  

Please provide your teacher the following information:

• Date Notice is submitted:
• Student’s Name:
• Exact Date(s) and Time(s) of lesson that student will not attend (not the period of time that you will be gone):
• Optional days and times that the student is available for rescheduling a missed lesson:

*This notification does not guarantee a make-up lesson.

Extended Absences – You must notify your instructor in writing in order to reserve a lesson time in their schedule during any absence longer than two weeks. If you are reserving a spot for an extended absence of any kind, your tuition payment will secure your regularly scheduled lesson time.

If you choose not to reserve a lesson time in your teacher’s schedule, you may ask to be placed on their waiting list. Placement on the list does not guarantee that a lesson time will be open when you return. If you are placed on the waiting list, you will be contacted when a lesson time is available.

Teacher Absences – If your teacher misses a lesson it will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Summer Session

Summer Session includes the days June 1st – August 31st. Summer Session lessons are required in order to reserve a lesson time in the fall. If you are planning a summer vacation please notify your private instructor, in writing, a minimum of two weeks in advance of the absence. Your teacher will reschedule up to two lessons during the summer session that you miss due to vacation. Lessons that are rescheduled during the Summer Session must be completed by August 31st. Absences beyond two lessons must be paid in full if you wish to reserve your lesson time, and are subject to the make-up policy. If you are taking a longer vacation and choose not to pay for the additional days you are absent, your assigned lesson time may be forfeited. (Please see Extended Absences.)

Tuition and Fees

Please make all payments for tuition and applicable fees payable to your private instructor. All tuition and applicable fees are due by the 26th of each month for the upcoming month. You will receive an invoice for tuition and applicable fees via email each month. Please pay the exact amount stated on the invoice. Please do not recalculate tuition amounts. If you have concerns regarding your tuition amount please contact your private instructor immediately.

Late Payments – A $20.00 fee will be applied to your next invoice, if your payment is received after the due date. If you are late with more than 3 payments, you may be dismissed from Diaz | Anderson Music Studios. If you are planning an extended absence please notify your private instructor in writing, least one month before the planned extended absence, when possible, or you may be billed for the time you will not be attending lessons. (Please see Extended Absences.)

Registration Fee – When you register for lessons a one-time, non- refundable registration fee of $25.00 will appear on your invoice, in addition to the first month’s tuition. Only one registration fee per family will be charged.

Returned Checks – If your check is returned due to non-sufficient funds, a $25.00 charge will be added to the balance due.

Questions and Concerns

Every moment of the lesson is valuable. If you have questions or concerns, please address them at the beginning of your lesson. Your lesson time is yours to use as you wish. If you choose to discuss something in particular, this time counts as part of your lesson. We recommend sending an email or setting up a meeting outside of lesson time when possible.

A Note to Parents

Music study is a worthwhile experience that offers many challenges and rewards. Your support and encouragement is essential for your student’s success. It is our hope that you facilitate a disciplined and structured process for music study at home. By engaging in the subtle aspects of musicianship, one begins to see and experience the richness that music can bring to many aspects of life. We are pleased work with you and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your learning. We look forward to celebrating your success throughout your time with us.

Together we will add value to life through music!

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